Green Office Tips

Making some small changes around your office can make a big difference to the environment, your bank account—and your cleaner!

  • Adopt the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle approach.
  • For example, encourage email newsletter rather than just recycle unnecessary printed materials.
  • Cut out problem materials, or reuse them before you have to recycle.
  • Set up paper, glass and aluminium recycling schemes.
  • Properly dispose of or recycle potentially toxic products like batteries and toner cartridges.
  • Use recycled copy paper.
  • Double-side print.
  • Use cloth instead of paper towels in the kitchen.
  • Encourage staff to use their own mugs and glasses instead of paper or plastic disposable ones.
  • Set up a compost bin for food scraps and take turns taking it home to add to your own compost.
  • Remove personal waste bins and encourage people to use recycling bins in the kitchen.
  • Invest in a dishwasher—they use less water than hand-washing things several times a day.